Permanent Life Insurance - A Great Savings Solution

Compared to the other sources of saving buying life insurance policy is the best solution. It also helps you to get tax relief. In simple terms, it is an agreement between the insured and a life insurance company. The company agrees to pay some amount of money on the sudden or accidental death of the insured, as long as the insured pays the insurance amount which is called the premium.

Life insurance companies provide mainly two types of life insurance policies: term and permanent.

Rate Increases In Health Insurance At About 3% According To 16th Millman Survey

SEATTLE, Nov. 18

For Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) the results from Milliman's 2008 Group Health Insurance Survey show an estimated premium rate increase for January 2009 renewals at 8.4% and for Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), 10.7% to 12.1%. Results for the PPOs are based respectively, on a high deductible plan and a standard lower deductible plan.

Premium increases compare July 2008 with July 2007 and assume no changes in benefit or cost-sharing levels. For HMOs it was 9.7% and 10.3% to 10.7% for PPOs.

All About Car Insurance

Car insurance companies are in business to make money, so they will always quote you the highest car insurance rate that you are willing to pay.

But there is good news for the consumer - car insurance is a very competitive market and since insurance companies also need to attract and maintain customers, they will also give you the lowest car insurance rate wherever possible in order to ensure a strong, active client base. If you take the time to understand how insurance companies work, you can realize significant savings.

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